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Eco-Friendly Cork Leather Tote Bag (Blank)

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1 (blank) cork leather tote bag included.

Sustainable - Cork Oak Trees live for 300 years. Every 9 years, the bark is stripped off the trees as proper maintenance for the trees to continue to grow. Cork is a by-product of a cork oak tree and rapidly renews every 14 years. No trees are damaged in the process of sourcing cork.

Vegan - A cruelty-free leather alternative that is soft and equally as strong as traditionally animal leathers.

Water - Resistant - Cork has traditionally been used as wine bottle stoppers because of its amazing water-resistant capabilities. Keep your devices and books safe even in the most severe weather conditions.

Durable - Crack, abrasions, and tear-resistant. It does not stretch out. Each bag has a fabric strap and lining. An extra seam is stitched into the bottom of each bag to support heavier items and is guaranteed to carry up to 50 lbs.

30mm x 40cm x 10 cm.
Beige fabric strap.
Brown and beige polka dot lining.