Corporate Virtual Rustic Sign Night Events - Safe & Fun Team-Building

Here at Rustic Sign Night, we have been working on new and fun ways to create a memorable team-building craft experience that can be completed over a lunch hour. 

Here's how our Rustic Virtual Corporate Events Work...

Our new Virtual Events are great for any size team, whether you work together at an office during the week or remotely.

We offer a variety of product and stencil offerings available to you and your team and will send you a catalog of options and prices, starting at just $40 per person to choose from

Flat rate shipping options are available to send all the kits to one location (such as your office) or we can send them to each individual attendees home locations. 

A Zoom event would be set up with a Rustic Sign Night Instructor who will be your host for the hour long event, and will teach you and your group the step-by-step art of stenciling on our beautiful eco-friendly products.

Team-building events are a great way to build trust, boost productivity and improve communication. If you would like to book your private corporate event with us, please contact us directly at!