What's your passion project?

March 11, 2022

A passion project is something that, when you're doing it, makes time disappear. It is something that puts your mind at ease and calms you. It's not a school project or something someone else told you to do. A passion project is 100% for you, and you're entirely in charge of the deadlines, time spent on it, and the finished product.

A great question to ask if you haven't started a passion project lately is 'how do I find a new passion project?' Great question! Here's what I do...

1. Make a list of everything you love and enjoy doing. It can be as simple as "I love books, movies, crafting (my personal favorite), cooking, baking, singing, pottery, organizing (yes, some people do like this), decorating, dancing, writing" etc.

2. From that list, circle your top three.

3. From that list, decide which passion you would like to work on first. The idea is to eventually have a passion project for all three, but let's first start with one!

4. Design your passion project in steps, starting with research and planning:

Research: Pinterest is a great resource for getting inspired and I highly recommend it! Simply search whatever your passion is, and start a board of pins specifically with those posts that you like best.

Planning: Make sure to plan at least a few hours each week on your new passion project, so you don't get distracted from it. Remind yourself that your passions matter and that if you're happier then you can treat others around you better - making them happier too!

5. Get started!

Please send us pictures of your most recent passion project. Have a wonderful day!

- XO -