How Our Craft Kits Work!

How Our Craft Kits Work!

June 18, 2020

If you haven't purchased one of our fun craft kits yet, you're probably wondering what they look like when you order them and how they will work when you are painting your one of a kind craft. Here's how it works...

First, you'll receive your package in the mail from our studio, which will include all the supplies you need to paint your beautiful rustic sign or cork tote project. It will look something like this...

Along with your purchase you will receive an email from us including our Youtube Demo, done by Carleyne in our craft studio! At any time, you'll be able to pause this video as you're working on each step to make sure that you never feel rushed during your crafting.

Once you've peeled up your stencils, you will have a finished product but we encourage you to continue detailing your project by outlining, adding shading and highlighting, and any other fun things you would like to add to it.

These craft kits generally takes about 20-45 minutes and is suitable for anyone ages 10 and older! So long as you follow along closely with our demo video, you'll have a beautiful, professional-grade product at the end of your fun craft experience with us!

Should you have any questions, we are always here to help! Please Like Us on Facebook and message us or simply reply back to this email.

We love seeing your finished crafts, so once you complete your project, please make sure to post it on Facebook or Instagram with the #rusticsignnight!

Purchase your one-of-a-kind craft kit on our Online Store Here!

Wishing you a fabulous day!


- The Rustic Sign Night Team